Can’t Access Netgear Genie Setting Page

Netgear Genie Setting

If you have installed or are looking to install a Netgear WiFi range extender, then you need to access the Netgear Genie setup page first. But if you are getting trouble accessing the Netgear Genie Setting Page, then neither you can do the initial setup, nor you can go to its settings and make changes to it. But there is nothing to be worried about. You can use the troubleshooting hacks provided in this article to fix the issue at hand.

Unable to Access Netgear Genie Setting Page [Resolved]

Power Cycle the Extender

In the event of facing issues with your technical devices, it is always recommended to try the power cycle process. This helps in fixing minor technical glitches with the gadgets. Perhaps power cycling will also help you out in fixing the issue that you are currently facing.

Therefore, power off your Netgear extender right now without giving a second thought about it. Only after waiting for some time, you need to power it up again. Once the extender is up and working again, see if you can access the Netgear Genie Setting page or not.

Verify the Web Address

In case you are using the wrong web address to access the Netgear Genie page, then also you will not be successful in doing so. Maybe the entire web address is wrong, or there are typing errors in the correct one, or you are using the search bar of the web browser to insert the URL.

Be sure that you are inserting the correct URL without making any typing errors. Plus refrain from using the search bar to type the URL. This is because you may click on some random search result and then reach an anonymous web page.

Check the Credentials

There are instances wherein Netgear extender users have reported about not being able to log in to their extender’s admin panel and the reason was using incorrect login credentials. We hope you are not doing the same thing. Double check the username as well as password entrees before clicking on the Log In button on the login window. Also, check that you are typing the credentials in the correct fields only.

Use an Updated Browser

After making the amendments as given in the above points, if you still are stuck with the same issue, then it is time you update the browser that you are using to access the admin page. Or you can use an updated web browser for the same. FYI, you need to access the settings of the browser to update the browser.

Clean the Browser

Another thing that you can do if the issue is adamant to leave your side is to clean the browser. Perhaps the browser that you are using is accumulated with junk files. The cache and junk files help to load web pages faster. But this junk data can also stop some web pages from loading.

So go to browser settings and clean the cache, cookies as well as browsing history from it.

Update the Device

Ensure to use a computer or laptop that is running on the latest version of the operating system. There is a possibility that the older version of the OS is the reason why you can not access the Netgear extender web-based management utility.

Thus update the PC right away and see if you are able to get through the process without any hassle or not.

Wrap Up

After you are done trying the hacks from this article, we are sure you will be able to access the Netgear Genie Setting Page via or the default IP address. Make sure you are using the correct steps to do the task at hand. Under any circumstances, if you do not get successful now also, reset your extender to the factory settings. Pressing the Reset button while the extender is turned on will do this job. After this, you will surely be able to access the web page that you want to access right now.

Bear in mind that after resetting, you will again need to set up your extender from scratch. After setting it up, do not forget to update the firmware on it. This will enhance the performance of your devices and also keep it away from bugs.

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