DIY Tips to Fix TP Link Extender Not Connecting to Router Issue

TP Link Extender Not Connecting to Router Issue

To put at end to TP Link extender setup via the login details, it is important for you to connect the extender to the router. But, in case, you are not able to do so, you have landed on the correct post. Here, you will get your hands on the topmost fixes that can be implemented to fix the issue at hand. Taking this into account, keep reading.

By the way, regardless of the TP Link wireless range extender model that you are using, know that the hacks given below can be implemented for all.

[Fixed] TP Link Extender Not Connecting to Router Issue

Reason: Too Much Distance

A lot of distance between the devices can make it next to impossible to propagate signals throughout the house thereby causing the TP Link extender not connecting to the host router issue and other similar ones for you.


To eliminate the aforementioned reason behind the issue at hand, consider reducing the distance between the networking devices. However, make sure that you are not keeping them neck to neck. Or else, their signal will clash. And once that happens, nothing will be able to stop you from facing more technical issues in the future. Forget about that, you will not even be able to resolve the issue at hand.

Reason: Incorrect Extender Location

Have you placed your wireless extender near Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, baby monitors, treadmills, cordless phones, washing machines, televisions, refrigerators, and mirrors? Well then, it is quite obvious why you are experiencing the issue at hand.


All of the examples given above are examples of transmitting appliances, electronic devices, and reflexive surfaces. They can mess with the signals coming out of your TP Link wireless range extender. Taking this into consideration, you have got to change the current location of your networking device and keep it away from the aforementioned things. Along with that, do not place it near thick concrete walls or in corners.

Reason: Wrong Connection Source

Have you connected the networking devices, i.e. TP Link wireless range extender and the host router with the help of a wireless source of connection? Well then, you have found out the first reason behind the issue you are facing.


Using a wireless source of connection can prevent the signals of your extender from getting transmitted. It is not reliable. Now are you thinking how to connect to TP Link extender? Well, using a wired source. In other words, you should connect the networking devices with the help of an Ethernet cable. Ensure that it does not have any cuts on or in it. Apart from this, the ports located on the extender and router should not be damaged.

Reason: Technical Glitches

Sometimes, nothing is wrong from the end of the user due to which connectivity issues are caused. They occur simply because of the existence of technical glitches which are known to come uninvited. They hold enough power to ruin the performance of a range extender.


Restarting your TP Link wireless range extender is the perfect way to get rid of technical glitches. In order to restart your networking device, you can refer to the steps given in the user manual. For your information, if you ever face the http // not working issue with your router, then you can look for some hacks in its user manual as well. You will find everything related to your device in that little handbook.

In Conclusion

With that, we are ending this guide written on how to troubleshoot the TP Link wireless range extender not connecting to router issue. Which was the hack that helped you out? Are you interested in sharing your answer with your fellow readers? If your answer is a yes, then it is recommended that you make use of the comment section for the same.

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