Easy Solutions to Resolve Orbi Keeps Dropping Connection Issue

Orbi Keeps Dropping Connection Issue

Does your Netgear Orbi router keep dropping connection every now and then? Did you try to update Orbi firmware but it did not work for you? For how long have you been stuck with this stuck? Well, regardless of the time frame for which this issue has been troubling you, the troubleshooting hacks discussed in this article will help you out. If you do not believe us, keep reading and find out for yourself.

 [Resolved] Orbi Keeps Dropping Connection Issue

Create a Little Distance – It is important for the Netgear Orbi router to be kept close to the existing modem. This is so the signals emitted from them can get transmitted properly throughout the house. Taking this into consideration, you should check if there is a lot of distance between the devices. In case, there is, then you already know what to do, i.e. bring them a little closer. But, at the same time, ensure that you are not keeping them too close to each other to avoid clashes.

And if the signals of your networking devices clash, there is no way in which you will be able to resolve the issue that you are experiencing right now.

Use a Wired Source – Another reason why the connection keeps getting dropped by your Netgear Orbi router is because you have connected it to the existing modem wirelessly. Although there is nothing wrong with using a wireless source, it is not reliable sometimes. With that said, you ought to consider opting for a wired source of connection to connect the networking devices. Ensure that the wire you are using is not worn out. Along with that, the Ethernet ports located on the router and modem should not be damaged.

Get Rid of Glitches – The third reason why you are stuck with the Orbi keeps dropping connection is because of technical glitches. But, thankfully, these glitches can be eliminated from the core by restarting your device. In order to restart your Orbi, just turn it off, count from one to ten, and then, do the opposite of the first step, i.e. turn on the device. Now, try to access the orbilogin page and check if you can fix the issue at hand. In case, not, follow the next hack.

Just because a couple of hacks failed to work in your favor does not mean that the rest of the ones mentioned in this article are good for nothing as well.

Remove Wi-Fi Interference – Changing the location of your Orbi router can also help you to troubleshoot the issue at hand. You just need to ensure that you are keeping it away from cordless phones, baby monitors, washing machines, Bluetooth speakers, aluminum studs, mirrors, fish tanks, treadmills, televisions, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc. Apart from this, avoid keeping your router in corners and near thick concrete walls. The reason being, they will not interfere with the signals of your router but completely block them.

Sync the Devices Again – We recommend this troubleshooting hack when everything else refuses to work for them. Considering you are going through it, there is no doubt about the fact that you are still going nuts because of the same issue. Worry not. Re-syncing your Orbi router and the satellite will work wonders for you. In order to sync your devices again, you just need to press the Sync button located on them one by one.

It is recommended that you do not fret regarding which device to press the Sync button first on. Whether you press it first on the satellite or router, it hardly matters.

Summing Up

The Netgear Orbi router keeps dropping connection issue can ruin the internet-usage experience of users in the blink of an eye. Considering you were one of them, after going through the troubleshooting hacks given above, you will be able to change that situation for yourself. In case, you are unable to, then reset your networking device. Once done, set it up from scratch by using the Orbi app or the manual method.

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