Few Steps to Fix TP Link Extender IP Address Not Working Issue

TP Link Extender IP Address Not Working Issue

In order to gain access to a super internet connection, TP Link wireless range extenders are being purchased by a number of users these days. However, many of them have reported facing issues while trying to set up the device via the default http://tplinkrepeater.net web address. In case, you are one of them, then we would suggest you use the TP Link extender IP address to set up your networking device.

What is that? Did you try to do the same but failed miserably? Well then, you are probably not doing something right. No issues. In this article, we have penned down some hacks following which you will be able to step out of this mess. Continue reading.

[Fixed] TP Link Extender IP Address Not Working Issue

Enter the Correct IP – Have a look at the IP address of your TP Link wireless range extender that you have entered using the internet browser. In case any typing errors are found in the entrĂ©e, it is recommended that you enter the IP address again. This time, make sure that there are zero typing errors in it, plus it should be entered in the address bar instead of the search bar of the internet browser currently in use.

Restart the Extender – Rebooting or restarting the networking device is another way through which the TP Link extender IP address not working issue can be resolved as it can eliminate one of the reasons behind it, i.e. technical glitches. Restarting the device requires you to turn it off, wait for some time, and then, turn it back on. Now, see if you are able to put an end to the TP Link extender IP address not working issue. If not, keep reading.

Check the Internet – Perhaps your Internet Service Provider is not focused while working due to which your internet connection has gotten weak thereby preventing you from accessing the default IP address. With that said you should get in touch with your ISP and ask him about the same. If he does agree that there is some issue from his end, then give him some time to fix it. It is recommended that you do not be rude to him while saying so.

Avoid WiFi Blockage – Unwanted signal blockage cannot just cause the TP Link extender IP address not working issue but also the TP Link WiFi extender not working issue. Therefore, you need to change the location of your networking device and keep it far away from cordless phones, washing machines, baby monitors, microwave ovens, refrigerators, Bluetooth speakers, treadmills, televisions, mirrors, fish tanks, and much more.

Update the Browser – In case none of the aforementioned troubleshooting hacks work for you to resolve the TP Link extender IP address not working issue, then your last resort is to update your internet browser. For your information, if you try to try to log in to your TP Link wireless router via http //tplinkwifi.net, the same hack will come in handy. Worry not; whether you are using Apple Safari or Google Chrome, the steps to update it are more or less the same.


After following the troubleshooting hacks mentioned above carefully, you will surely be able to resolve the issue that you were experiencing. If you do, then drop a few words of appreciation in the comment section for your fellow readers to read.

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