How to Fix Refused to Connect Issue?

Troubleshoot Netgear Router is the default URL of the Netgear router that is used to access the admin dashboard of the Netgear router. When you want to set up your router or when you want to make any changes to its settings, you need to use this web address to access the admin dashboard. But many users have reported that they face issues while logging in and that the refused to connect. In the event, you are also facing similar issues then this article is there to help you out. In this article, you will find the top most working solutions to not working issue. Keep on reading further to know how to eliminate any causes that are stopping you from logging in to your router and how to access the login page.

How to Fix Netgear Router Login Issues

Check the Web Address

Are you putting to use the correct web address to access the Netgear router login page? Looks like you are typing the web address incorrectly. Possibly there are typing errors or you are using the search bar of the browser to enter the URL. Using the search bar may take you to some anonymous web page.

Make sure there are zero typos and use only the URL bar to insert the login URL.

Update the Browser

If you are using an older version of the browser to log in then also you may fail in doing the login. At times, older version of web browser may not support some web pages. Updating the browser will help in such cases. Go to the settings of the browser and get it updated right away.

Clean the Browser

Besides updating the browser, you also need to clean it. Cleaning means making it clear of cache, cookies, and browsing history. For this also, you need to go to the settings of the browser. Doing so will help the browser perform better. Try to access the page to see if you can log in or not.

Verify Login Credentials

Just like you are supposed to type the web address correctly, it is necessary that you type the login credentials without making any typing mistakes. Cross-check the username and password entrees after typing them in the respective fields on the login page.

Check Power Supply

Another reason why you are not able to access the router login page is an unstable power supply to the router. Thus check if there is an issue with the power supply. Using a UPS may help if there is a power outage.  You also need to check the wall socket that you have used to plug the router. It should be damage-free and the cable should not be loose. Make the necessary changes to ensure that the power supply to the router is optimum and then try accessing the router login page.

Test Internet Connection

You next need to make check on the internet connection to troubleshoot Netgear router login issue. You may be getting login issues because of a poor internet connection. You can contact your ISP to know more about it. You also need to check the Ethernet cable that you have used to connect the router to the modem. Replace it if it seems damaged or in worn-out condition.

If the devices have been connected via a wireless medium, then you need to check the distance between them. If they are placed far from each other, then bring them closer so that it is easy for them to communicate with each other.

Wrap Up

This is all about how you can fix Netgear router login issues. We are anticipating that the troubleshooting hacks mentioned in this article have proved to be useful to you and now you have logged in to your router. You can now make the changes to its settings the way you desire.

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