How to Update Netgear Router [Two Different Methods]

Netgear Router

Every Netgear router user knows the importance of keeping the device equipped with the latest firmware version. But, not all of them know how to update Netgear router. Just in case you are also counting yourself among them, reading this post will be a great decision. Here, you will get acquainted with two different approaches for upgrading the router.

For your information, a Netgear WiFi router can be updated with the assistance of the Nighthawk app or the manual method. Below, we’ve discussed both methods in detail. You can pick the one you find easy to execute. Read on.

How to Update Netgear Router [Nighthawk App]

Since the Nighthawk mobile application allows users to tweak the router’s settings from their palms, they opt for this method to upgrade the firmware. The steps provided below will help you understand the process of upgrading the router firmware via the mobile app:

Launch the Nighthawk App

On a mobile phone accessing the network of your router, consider launching the Nighthawk app. Log in using your Netgear account details or via the Netgear router default password. Bear in mind the case-sensitive nature of the login details.

Check for Updates

As soon as you sign in to your router via the app, you will get redirected to the dashboard of the router. After reaching there, select the image of your router and tap Router Settings. On the next screen, tap Check For Updates. If you see that the router’s new firmware is available, tap Update and wait.

This was how to update Netgear router using the mobile application. Just in case you are in the mood of using the web GUI of the router for updating it or are stuck with the firmware check error, the section given below will make you learn how to carry out the process using a web browser.

How to Update Netgear Router [Web GUI]

Note: You need to download the firmware file separately from the Download Center as per the model number of the router if you opt for this approach.


To manually upgrade your WiFi router, launch an internet browser on a computer that is accessing the router’s network. In the address field, input the web URL and hit Enter. You can also make use of the URL. Or even better, use the router’s default IP.

Log in to the Router

On the admin window of your wireless router, input the admin Netgear credentials and hit the Log In button. Keep in mind that the router’s admin details are case-sensitive. Hence, you must not capitalize letters as per your wish. You can take precautions by turning off the Caps Lock key on the keyboard.

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