I Can’t See Any LED on My TP Link Extender – Help!

Led Light on My TP Link Extender

The lights on your TP Link WiFi range extender indicate different meanings. If the LED on the extender is green, it means you have a good connection. And, if any one of them is red or amber, it means that there is an unstable connection between your devices (extender and router). But, what if you see no light on it? Well, that’s a sign of a major issue! The reason behind seeing no light on the extender can be any! Maybe you have not configured the extender properly using the WPS method or via http //tplinkwifi.net (manually), or not updated its firmware yet.

There are hoards of reasons more that can result in the issue. But, you don’t have to worry at all because we have got you covered. In this article, we have mentioned the topmost fixes following which resolving the issue will be a cakewalk for you. Hence, wait no more and stick to reading!

Fixed: TP Link Extender No Light Issue

The First Fix: Is your WiFi range extender operating on steady power? You need to verify it. Bear in mind, an insufficient power supply to the extender may not allow any of the LEDs to appear on it. Therefore, for getting the issue fixed, ensure that the extender’s wall socket is well working and providing a continuous power to it. On the other hand, have a nudge at the device’s wall socket as well. It shouldn’t be damaged!

The Second Fix: Sometimes, due to a minor technical glitch, you will hardly see any color LED on it. Chances are you are experiencing the no light issue because of a technical glitch. To get rid of this problem, we recommend you power cycle your extender once.

Follow the guidelines provided below and know how to restart or power cycle your WiFi range extender:

  1. Unplug your extender
  2. Wait for some time
  3. Now, plug in the extender back in again

Did the second fix resolve the issue for you? If yes, then log in to your WiFi range extender using tplinkrepeater.net login, and apply the instructions to update the firmware of your device.

Note: Updating the firmware of your WiFi range extender (timely) is very much important as it may improve the performance of your device, helps in bugs fixing, enhance security, and boost the existing internet range.

Still the Same?

Just in case, the issue isn’t resolved yet, then jump to the third fix and apply it to fix the no light issue.

The Third Fix: If your extender is placed too close or too far away from the reach of your existing router, then also you may experience the no light issue.

One of the best ways to get the issue fixed is to change the location of your WiFi range extender. Keep it in the same room as your router.

Moreover, while relocating your extender, ensure that you have not decided to place it inside your show window/ cabinet, beneath your study table, or back of your computer.

The Fourth Fix: Be sure to make a stable connection between your WiFi range extender and router. An unstable connection between them may also result in the issue.

While making a connection between your devices, keep a few important points in mind:

So, you have placed your device in the same room as per our recommendation, right? If they are placed closer, then you can use an Ethernet cable for connecting them.

But, if they are placed at a distance, then use the WPS method (wireless) for connecting them. All you have to do is to press the WPS button on your router and a few moments later, apply the same process on your WiFi range extender.

Need More Help?

The Fifth Fix: If none of the fixes listed above bring you luck, then take our advice and reset your WiFi range extender back to factory default settings. The reason is, due to improper TP Link extender setup, you are seeing no light on it.

So, first reset your extender: just press and hold the reset button on it, wait for a few minutes, and then release it. Don’t forget to disconnect your router and extender prior to resetting your TP Link device.

After resetting your extender, configure it from scratch via default password and http //tplinkwifi.net.

Once you are done configuring your extender, the LED on it will start blinking green. As soon as it becomes stable, log in to your device and change tp link password (the default one).

We hope that resetting and reconfiguring the WiFi extender fixed the no light issue for you!

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