Orbi RBR750 Firmware Update Not Happening? Do This!

Orbi RBR750 Firmware Update

I am trying to update the firmware on my Netgear Orbi RBR750 router. But I am unable to get through the process. Please help me! Does this sound similar to you? If you are also struggling with orbi RBR750 firmware update issues then this post is what you need right now. FYI the hacks that we are going to discuss here will work equally well for any other Orbi router model. Thus without worrying about anything, you can give these hacks a try.

How to Fix Orbi RBR750 Firmware Update Issues?

You need to try the hacks given ahead patiently. Perhaps just by performing any one hack, the issue will be fixed. But before you dive into deep troubleshooting, try to reboot the Orbi router once. This will fix any temporary glitches with the router. Rebooting will also give some rest to your device.

Here is how you perform the task easily:

  1. Disconnect the Orbi router from the modem.
  2. Next, turn it off from its power button.
  3. Unplug the power cable from the wall unit.
  4. Wait for some time.
  5. Plug the router back.
  6. Turn it on.
  7. Connect to the modem.

Now, try updating Orbi RBR750 firmware. Has this hack helped? No? Try the other hacks.

Check Power Supply

You need to be very sure that the power supply to the Orbi router is stable and non-fluctuating. A faulty power supply would not let you complete the update process easily. Check the power socket and also the power cable. None should be damaged. Make the required amendments to ensure that the power supply is adequate and then try updating your device.

Ensure Stable Internet Connection

If the internet connection is shaky, then also you won’t complete the firmware update process. Contact your ISP and ask him if there is anything wrong. Another thing that you can do is check the internet speed. Get your internet plan upgraded and then see if it works.

Connect the Devices Properly

Looks like the router is not firmly connected to the modem and which is why you are not able to complete Orbi firmware update. Replace the Ethernet cable if it has any deep cuts on it. Also, ensure to insert it into the correct ports which are in well working condition.

Bring the devices closer to each other for smooth communication in case they are connected wirelessly.

Download Correct Firmware

Make sure that you download the correct firmware file on your computer before getting it installed on the router. Each Orbi model has different firmware updates released. So you must download the firmware file that is meant for the Orbi model which is RBR750 or any other Orbi model that you own.

Do Not Interrupt Firmware Update

While the firmware is getting updated on your Netgear Orbi, do not interrupt the process in any way. Do not power off the Orbi router or open a new tab on the browser. Also, do not do any other online activity during this process.

Wrap Up

We are very much sure by following the hacks and tips given in this guide, you will complete the Orbi RBR750 firmware update process without any issues. If you still get stuck in between, then resetting the Orbi device is what you should try. Reset and restore the factory settings. After that set it up once again. Then you should try to update the firmware to the latest version by keeping in mind the tips given in this post.

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